Are there hot or cold spots in your home? Is the second floor colder or warmer than the first floor?

Zoning is the solution!

Zoning allows for multi-room solutions so you can have a better control of your comfort on a room-by-room basis. With automatic dampers and individual thermostats, it gives a better controlling of airflow to various rooms. Zoning also allows you to regulate working times of the equipment according to your comfort needs.

A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning uses EWC ZONE BOARDS and MOTORIZED DAMPERS to provide you enhanced comfort, energy efficiency and flexibility in temperature control.

With superior design, easy setup options and intuitive firmware, the EWC Zoning system is every homeowner’s dream. Combined with Patented EWC motorized dampers, our zoning systems are perfect for residential and commercial HVAC air zoning.

Ready to slash your energy bills and enjoy a more comfortable home? Call A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning for an in-home evaluation and estimate.