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Preparing Commercial HVAC Systems for Summer

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Preparing Commercial HVAC Systems for Summer

Here comes another season to check on your commercial HVAC system. Summer can make your people and customers bathe in sweat because of too much heat. But, you can stop this scenario from happening if you prepare the system early this month.

Learn some expert ways to get your office system ready for the heat!

  • Clean and Replace Air Filters

One of the essential components of your commercial heating and cooling system is the air filter. Once it gets caught up in excessive dirt and dust, the entire building can become a living hell. You can stop this from happening by getting your air filters cleaned or replaced as early as now. Clean them regularly to prevent dirt buildup that may result in greater problems later.

  • Schedule a Tune-up Service in Advance

Has it been a while since you had your HVAC system serviced? Before the weather warms up this summer, make sure to give your system a tune-up. Doing this helps you get the most of the comfort you expect from your system. Tuning up your HVAC system enhances its overall performance and keeps you in check for serious repairs ahead of time.

  • Clean Indoor Ductwork

You want to make sure that everyone in the building breathes in safe and healthy air. One way to secure a safe indoor air is to clean your ductwork. Much of the dirt that passes through your ducts can hardly be seen especially those in the ceilings and walls. So, get a full cleaning service performed by professionals to clean your ducts.

  • Check the Thermostat

If you notice anything wrong with the system, check on the thermostat. See if it is working well. You know when the thermostat is in good condition if it evenly distributes the temperature inside the building.

  • Plan a Preventative HVAC Maintenance from Professionals

Most importantly, do not forget to give time for maintenance service. Maintaining your system is not a DIY fix so, it is best to contact your HVAC contractor for this. They can keep your system in top shape throughout the year especially this summer season.

Top Quality Commercial HVAC Services in Orlando, Florida

Your commercial HVAC system deserves a maintenance check all year-round. This summer, get your system ready for the scorching heat. A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning can help you prepare your system these warm months.

If you have any questions regarding your commercial HVAC systems, give us a call at 407-406-7161. Our customer service team is available 7 days a week to provide answers to all your concerns. Call us now!


5 Causes of Low Airflow in a Home

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5 Causes of Low Airflow in a Home


Does your home feel uncomfortable even when your A/C is running full blast? Heads up! Something might be wrong with the airflow. Here are common causes of low airflow at home that you should watch out for.

  1. Clogged and Leaky Ductwork

For HVAC systems that use air ducts for carrying air back and forth, keeping them clean and maintained is necessary. Dust and dirt accumulated in the ductwork can block the air to pass through. If the system is clogged or has leaked, the air may not reach its destination. This results in uneven heating or cooling at home. You may run into significant problems and costly repairs if you do not clean or change your filters regularly.

Duct problems? Contact us at A-1 Heat and Air for immediate solutions.

  1. Oversized or Undersized A/C Unit

This summer, it is essential to get the right size of air conditioning unit. It should be neither too big nor too small. Otherwise, your HVAC system will not work efficiently in cooling the entire house. Wrong sizes for ducts and vents also cause low airflow. The size should fit your load requirements to allow the air to propel or flow properly.

Need advice for the right HVAC sizing? We can help!

  1. Dirty Outdoor Unit

Do not neglect your outdoor unit! The fact that it stays outside, the more dirt it can accumulate. From time to time, it is exposed to various kinds of elements such as leaves, harsh weather, wind, snow, and dust. Dirt buildup can lead to poor airflow and worse, it may stop cooling your space. So, clean your outdoor unit religiously for your sake.

Need to schedule cleaning maintenance for your outdoor unit? Call us for the service!

  1. Thermostat Problems

If you think the issue lies in the thermostat, then you are right! Faulty or outdated thermostats are sometimes the cause of airflow problems in your home. Particularly for large residential spaces, thermostat incompatibility is likely to happen. Old or too small thermostats may not regulate the air effectively if it is not compatible with your home.

Want to purchase or install a new thermostat? Our experts can lend a hand.

  1. Dirty Coils

The condenser coil is responsible for removing the heat from your space. If it is clogged due to dirt or dust build up, your unit will work harder to cool your home. Your space can get hotter this spring or summer if the coils have airflow issues.

Dirty or clogged coils? You surely need a professional cleaning service for that!

We at A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning want to keep your home at its utmost comfort. If you need any help regarding airflow issues, give us a call and we will be there in no time.

Home Health Hazards Associated with Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

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Home Health Hazards Associated with Neglecting HVAC Maintenance

If you are not taking HVAC maintenance seriously, your family could possibly be in great danger of experiencing a horrible indoor atmosphere. According to many HVAC experts, 75% of calls they receive monthly are related to heating and cooling system negligence and lack of maintenance. If your HVAC devices are neglected, they will suddenly stop operating leaving the entire family uncomfortable.

Here are a few home health hazards you might encounter by skipping HVAC maintenance.

Mold Growth

Mold is something that you surely do not want in the house. Not only that it triggers respiratory issues, but it also reduces your home’s stability. Without a reliable HVAC company to check on your system at least three times a year, it increases the possibility of mold growth, contaminants and leaks. The moment you notice mold starting to build up in or around your A/C, call your HVAC technician right away for an inspection.

Poor Air Quality

Not having regular inspections on your heating and cooling system results in poor indoor air quality. Mold, dust, dirt and debris accumulated in your system can seriously pollute the air you breathe inside the house. Airborne particles that have built up can infect your home.  Ignoring or skipping HVAC maintenance endangers the entire family of carbon monoxide poisoning. Air contaminants can pose serious risks to your family’s health so prevent it before it happens.

Call your HVAC contractor for an in-home inspection today!

Costly Breakdown Repairs

Neither your heating or cooling system will send out a verbal or written warning when it is near to failing. It will just stop working in the middle of the cold or hot season. Regular maintenance keeps you in touch with the condition of your HVAC system, including the signs of system breakdown. If you keep on skipping your schedule, small glitches will surely grow into bigger issues in your system.

Do not end up spending your money on extensive repairs instead of using it to your family’s needs. You should get the right maintenance service from the experts now. Immediate action prevents minor HVAC problems from developing into major concerns.

If you do not remember the last time you had your system checked, then schedule an HVAC inspection now! Call A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning today for a free in-home estimate of your system’s maintenance. Keep your family healthy and your home safe with just a call from the experts.



Should You be Worried About Your AC Unit This Hot Season?

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Should You be Worried About Your AC Unit This Hot Season?

As soon as summer strikes, you surely are a bit uncomfortable thinking if your AC unit can keep up with the rising temperature. But, should you really be worried about your cooling units? With advanced preparation, there is nothing that your AC cannot beat this summer!

Check out these helpful tips to keep yourself from distress and worry about your air conditioner. We make it simple and easy only for you!

How Does Heat Affect Your AC Unit?

During hot days, it is true that your air conditioner works a bit harder. Once you hear the engine chugging, it means that the first wave of heat has just rolled in. Both heat and humidity affect the performance of air conditioner as it needs to transfer hot air in and out of the house. Generally, it is harder to make indoor environment cooler than the outside. This is why your AC unit struggles on cooling your home during hot seasons.

Convenient Tips to Make Your AC Unit Running Smoothly This Summer

  • Remove dirt and debris on the compressor. Make sure that the exterior compressor/condenser is free from leaves, shrubs and other debris. Remove everything that blocks the flow of air from indoor to outdoor and vice versa.
  • Check for signs of malfunction. See if there are odd sounds or foul smell coming out of the unit. Monitor its occurrence and see what you can do about them.
  • Clean air ducts. Regular air duct cleaning helps your AC to work at peak performance. It allows a smooth and clean flow of air all throughout the house.
  • Dust off your evaporator coil. Cleaning evaporator coil regularly inhibits the growth of algae and other allergens.
  • Change air filters as often as needed. Replacing your air filters once a month is a sure help. It ensures a clean and healthy flow of air inside your home all year-round.
  • Ask for help from professionals to do preventive maintenance on the unit. Have your AC checked by HVAC experts to ensure its optimal performance. They have the right knowledge and right tools to do the work.

You should not be worried about your air conditioning unit these warm months. As soon as you see signs of malfunctions, go and get help from A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning! We are here to relieve your worries away and replace them with excitement for the hot season.


Should You Schedule Maintenance Service This Spring?

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Should You Schedule Maintenance Service This Spring?

The simplest answer to that is yes! Winter is winding down and you will be switching from heat to air very soon. Have you scheduled HVAC maintenance yet? Here are some good reasons why you need to have it done in the spring season.

Replace worn out parts ahead of time. No matter how expensive and durable the parts of your heating and cooling units are, time will come that these will wear and become less efficient. Spring maintenance will notify you if there are worn out parts so that you can provide replacements before the scorching heat of summer starts.

Extend your unit’s life span. Your HVAC system needs annual maintenance to keep them ready for extreme temperatures. Spring maintenance ensures that the components of your unit are properly cleaned and lubricated to prevent unnecessary breakdowns when you start to use it full time. Poorly maintained units are prone to system malfunctions and costly repairs, which are mostly the cause of early unit retirement.

Improve indoor air quality. Winter gives your home a stuffy environment. Spring calls for more open windows and doors that can help lighten up your indoor atmosphere but it can also let in allergy –causing particles like pollens. Spring HVAC maintenance however, can help keep your indoor air healthy by taking care of dirty filters, removing dust build up, and cleaning air ducts to ensure that you will be breathing healthy air inside your home.

Avoid the rush. Peak temperatures such as winter and summer also mean peak season for HVAC contractors. It will not be easy to set an appointment during these times of the year. You probably will have to wait a while before an HVAC technician comes knocking at your door and have your unit checked. The technician’s cost can be a bit higher too. To avoid the rush and to save on the service expenses, it is a good idea to schedule annual maintenance during the spring.

Identify problems ahead of time. No one wants to experience a malfunctioning HVAC system in the middle of the summer heat. That is why it is important to identify the potential causes of system breakdown before you start to use the system continuously. Spring maintenance performs an overall diagnosis of your unit to ensure that problems are fixed and the system is ready and in good condition when you need it the most.

Do not delay your annual maintenance any longer. Call your trusted heating and cooling technicians and have your units checked as early as today. Schedule your annual spring tune-up to prepare your unit and to ensure that every component is in shipshape before the temperatures soar.


Tip For Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor In Central Florida

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Tip For Choosing The Right HVAC Contractor In Central Florida


Do your homework. Familiarize yourself with the insurance and license conditions in the Central Florida area. Smart customers do their research when it comes to HVAC systems and this helps them to know just what to ask, especially when it comes to certifications and legal requirements.

Ask around for referrals. It is not wrong to ask names of contractors that your relatives and some trusted friends have used for their home services. You can also ask them how their experiences were and use this to narrow down your choices. You can also check and compare company reviews by searching their websites online.

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