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A/C Tune-Ups: What A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning Can Do

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A/C Tune-Ups: A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning Can Do

The best way to care for your unit is to give it a regular dose of maintenance. There simple things that you can do yourself, including filter replacement or cutting the bushes around the condenser. However, you should only let the professional hands handle the complex maintenance tasks for guaranteed results.

If you are in Orlando, FL, and needs expert air conditioning tune-up, you have one company to call for reliable services. A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning is just around the corner. Check out what we can do for you:

  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Inspect all safety controls
  • Adjust fan belts, if any
  • Lubricate blower bearings, if applicable
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Inspect all accessible ductwork
  • Inspect heater vent pipe
  • Adjust pilot light
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Inspect burners or strips
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check amp draw on strips
  • Check fan limit relay
  • Check heat pump refrigerant charge
  • Adjust fan safety control
  • Check breaker & fuse size
  • Change/clean filter, if available and/or recommend replacement
  • Check temperature difference
  • Check all starting capabilities
  • Check oil pump & filters
  • Drain line flushing
  • Check the condition of coils

Benefits of A/C Tune-ups

Do you think that an A/C maintenance service is just another money-consuming task for your air conditioner? Honestly, A/C tune-ups are never free, but, the money you invested will just be refunded in the form of your unit’s safe and efficient operation. Check out these benefits that you can enjoy in the long run:

  • Increased Efficiency. Summer is a harsh season for your air conditioning unit. An A/C maintenance service will help secure the proper operation of your unit so that it can cope with the challenge. Professional technicians inspect every component and provide the needed adjustment and lubrication to keep the performance smooth.
  • Lower Energy Bills. When your unit is working in tip-top shape, there’s no room for wasted energy that can cause your monthly bills to reach the roof. In here, you can save as much as the money you spent on the tune-up service.
  • Reduce Risks of Service Call. Maintenance checks identify and solve simple problems before they become major issues in the system. Scheduling service before the heatwave can result in lesser emergency repair calls.
  • Better Comfort. Air conditioning units that are properly maintained give more reliable cooling in the long summer month. It also improved the air you breathe inside your home.

Should you schedule your tune-up service? The simplest answer to that is YES! Appointments can fill up fast! Request service here!



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COVID-19: Important Notice to Customers

With this worldwide concern on COVID-19, we want you to know that A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning remains open to serve your HVAC needs while taking precautionary measures to protect the well-being of our employees and customers.

As we face this global crisis, we want to share how we address the current situation. We have been proactively implementing a number of measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and safely get through this peril.

We’re pleased to inform you that our heating and cooling services are still operational despite the situation. Our crew will remain active in responding to service calls while carefully following our safety guidelines updated by the local and national health authorities.

  • Frequent hand washing
  • Frequent sanitizing of all hard surfaces including our service vans
  • Covering a sneeze or cough
  • Immediate home quarantine for employees showing any symptoms of sickness
  • Increased cleaning frequency of our facilities
  • Staggered schedules to minimize employee interaction
  • Heavily increased use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizers

At A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, we are committed to your health and safety! We are fully prepared to continue serving your heating and cooling needs as we navigate through these trying times. We will keep on monitoring the situation and act quickly on the advice of our health authorities.

Thank you for your patience and your support!

Let’s do everything we can to support our community. Stay safe!

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Things Every Homeowner Should Know About SEER Rating

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Things Every Homeowner Should Know About SEER Rating

As a homeowner in Lucas, TX, you probably know that an energy-efficient air conditioner doesn’t only cool your home, but also help you save money. If you are thinking of upgrading your unit or replacing your existing system, the SEER rating is one factor you should consider when shopping.

Let’s look at what SEER is and its importance before you buy your next A/C.

SEER By Definition

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) is a numerical rating to measure the cooling capacity of your system compared to the amount of energy it consumes in a given period. With SEER, you can identify which type or model of air conditioner operates less or higher. Knowing this will help you choose the right system for your needs.

How it Affects Your A/C

In the US, the minimum standard A/C SEER rating is 4 to 16, which ensures a comfortable indoor environment and maximum energy savings.

Several factors can affect a unit’s efficiency and performance, including outdoor temperatures, thermostat settings, building structure, and mechanical problems. Don’t forget. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the system is.

Contact a specialist to help you determine the most appropriate SEER rating for your home. Click here.

Why Does it Matter?

  • A/C with higher SEER ratings incorporate smart technology to adjust to any indoor conditions for consistent temperature control and greater comfort.
  • An energy-efficient A/C can eventually pay for itself in just a few years with substantial energy savings.
  • SEER ratings enable homeowners to compare operation costs among other air conditioner models on the market.


With a high SEER rating, you can expect high efficiency and lower operating costs overtime to compensate for what you paid for during purchase and installation.

So, home and business owners in Lucas, TX, who are not happy, satisfied, or comfortable with their existing A/C system, it’s best to contact A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning for high-efficiency air conditioning options. We are equipped with the experience, training, and knowledge to keep your system well-functioning year after year.

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with These HVAC Gifts

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Celebrate Valentine's Day with These HVAC Gifts

Are you tight with expenses from the holidays or both of you too busy at work to make preparations? Have you found that perfect gift for him/her yet?

If you want to spark some romance this year, how about something both of you can enjoy? Although flowers, cards, jewelry, and sweets are still appreciated. Spice things up and think beyond the obvious choices this year! ­­­

Consider something that will warm both of your hearts and your home. Try one of these HVAC gift recommendations from A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Better IAQ

Unhealthy and uncomfortable indoor air can ruin the mood, especially after a long day at work. Don’t let the atmosphere in your home ruin the mood or your romance could be suffering too! Improve your indoor air quality and bring back the excitement.

Smart Thermostat

Grasp the benefits of science! You can now have total control over the temperature of your home from wherever you are. A smart thermostat allows you to turn the temperature in your home up or down from your phone while you’re away.

If this is still not at your convenience, how about programming it in advance? Your house can stay cool during the day and then get warmer just in time when both of you get home from work. Be wise and energy-efficient so at the end of the month, you’ll have a budget for a romantic date!

Peace of Mind

We understand this may sound a little bit weird for a gift, so before anything else, please hear us out.

We’re talking about when your heating and air conditioning system fails you at the most unexpected moment. It’ll be terrible to suffer from the cold when your heating system suddenly stopped working. Before it’s too late, make sure your home is free from all worries so you can live each day as memorable as possible.

Zoned Heating

Tired of uneven temperatures? A zoned heating system lets you choose areas of the home that need to be heated only at certain times. Manipulate the temperature setting in a specific location without affecting the temperature setting in the other areas. Be cozy together and stay in control of the temperature of your home. If you’re interested to learn more about zoning, click here.

Show Your Love to Your HVAC System With These Gifts!

We admit we are no experts on romance, but we definitely know everything there is to know about heating, cooling, and air conditioning. Let us help you choose the best Valentine’s gift that both your HVAC and loved ones will enjoy and cherish for the years to come. Call us at (407) 392-9307.

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Simple Yet Effective Ways to Warm Your Home

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As the temperature continues to drop in the winter, your heating system works harder to keep you and your family warm at home. Based on studies, heating a typical home accounts over 70% of household energy consumption, and this can go higher depending on the weather outside.

Yes, cranking up your system works in keeping you warm, but it’ll only increase your bill. For homeowners, there’s great value in figuring out ways to combat the cold without turning up the heat. Here are simple yet effective ways to do so.

Reflect the Heat

Unlike standard radiators, radiator panels work by warming the air above the heater, which then rises and displaces the cooler air above it. These radiator panels create an air current that distributes hot air by reflecting the heat throughout the room. They are relatively cheap and easy to install.

Check the Dampers

For most homes in Orlando, FL, ductwork contains dampers to adjust airflow. Look for handles and markings on your ductwork such as ‘summer’ and ‘winter.’ Be sure to set the damper handle parallel to the duct line for maximum airflow and to have total control of your room-by-room temperature. For assistance, feel free to contact us anytime.

Reverse your ceiling fans

Are you aware of your ceiling fan modes? If not, the summer mode (forward) is to force air downwards to create a cooling effect, while the winter mode (reverse) is to help force warm air up and circulate it around a room.

Some fans have remote control capability; however, others have a wall switch or a pull cord. Turn on your fan and look directly up at the blades. Make sure they are rotating in a clockwise direction.

Call in the Professionals

If you’re indeed serious about giving your home a complete overhaul and improve energy efficiency altogether, then you will need the help of a reliable and proficient contractor. At A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, Inc., we take a holistic view and suggest measures appropriate to your home, budget, and offer estimates according to your needs. Schedule an appointment today; click here or email us at

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Practical Ways to Increase Home Humidity Levels

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January is the coldest month in Orlando, FL. This is why homeowners try to find ways on how to maintain the level of humidity indoors. During this season, when the humidity levels drop; everyone becomes vulnerable to discomfort.

But, worry not! We have provided a list of ways on how to increase your home’s humidity levels without going beyond your means. Read on to learn more!

What’s the Ideal Humidity Level?

Humidity is the concentration of water vapor that is present in the air. It’s generally invisible to the human eye, but it can change the feel and comfort in a particular space. In the winter months, the humidity may be lower than 40% relative humidity. Ideally, your home’s humidity level for health and comfort should fall between 40 and 50%.

Practical Ways to Increase Humidity At Home

Get Houseplants

According to NASA, houseplants not only help purify the air but also add extra humidity in the air. They continuously release moisture in the form of vapor from their leaves and stems as long as you keep them watered. These greens promote a healthier lifestyle and cleaner environment by eliminating indoor pollutant so that you can enjoy improved and comfortable indoor air.

Line-Dry Your Clothes

Line-drying is not just an activity during the summer. Hanging your clothes to dry indoors in winter is an effective way to add some moisture to the air, thus helping you save energy by skipping the dryer. Cut back on your utility expenses as you do line-drying while keeping your home’s humidity at the right level.

Boil Water in The Kettle

Using your stove to boil water is proven to release moisture in the air instantly—one low-cost way to increase humidity and add warmth to your home. Next time, use a kettle for boiling water instead of using the microwave.

Another option, you can even out a ceramic or metal bowl beside your floor register or heating unit. Produced heat will slowly evaporate the water in the bowl into the air.

Install a Humidifier

A portable humidifier can help balance the humidity in a single room. But, if you’re experiencing considerably low humidity in your home, a whole-home humidifier is a more efficient option than a portable device. It preserves wood furniture, helps put moisture back into the air, and improves your defense against winter-related illnesses. Humidifiers also enhance the glow and softness of your skin.

Contact A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, Inc. today for any concerns and questions that you might have about humidity. You can call us at (407) 290-9517. We’ll help you find the best comfort solution for your Orlando, FL home.

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What Is The Best Temperature To Leave Your House During Your New Year Vacation

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During the holiday season and New Year, it will be a waste of money to keep your HVAC running when no one’s around. But, it will be disappointing to completely turn your system off and return home with an uncomfortable temperature, right?

No worries! A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning is here for the rescue. We’ll help you decide the best temperature level for your Orlando, FL home before your trip. Keep on reading to know more!

Keep the Heat Running

Most homeowners believe that the most practical way to save money is shutting off their unit completely. Well, that might be effective, but there’s a much better way to do it. You can turn your thermostat a few degrees higher to keep the heat indoors. Maintaining the right level of heat at home protects your belongings and property from dust buildup, mold, and bugs.

Also, the electrical circuitry of your appliances is prone to water condensation during the cold weather—another reason why it’s better to maintain some heat inside your house.

Ideal Thermostat Settings

Every house is different and the temperature setting will depend on several factors like the location, insulation level, pipe layout, and exterior temperature. Ideally, your indoor temperature should be around 50 – 60 degrees and shouldn’t fall below 40 degrees.

Other Things to Consider

Try these simple energy-saving tips if you’re going on two-day or a one-week vacation:

  • Unplug unused electronic devices and appliances.
  • Turn off Christmas lights and all electric-powered decorations.
  • Keep the water flowing so it won’t freeze.
  • Keep your registers and vents free from obstructions for better airflow.
  • Make use of Smart Plugs.
  • Upgrade to a smart thermostat to regulate your indoor temperature.
  • Make sure your security system and alarms are working.
  • Ask a neighbor or relative to check your house while you’re gone.

There’s no better way of celebrating the holiday or New Year than going on a vacation and returning to a comfortable home. Whether you’ll be on vacation for a few days or away for an extended period, follow these reminders before you go.

If you need assistance or have questions on how to prepare your heating system for the holidays and New Year, feel free to call us at (407) 392-9307. At A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, it is our goal to deliver honest and reliable services in all seasons.

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The Special Benefits of Humidifiers When the Cold Season Steps In

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The Special Benefits of Humidifiers When the Cold Season Steps In Should you humidify when the fall and winter seasons arrive? Of course! Aside from the temperature, humidity is also a significant factor in achieving optimum comfort in your home. Many illnesses are associated with dry air, and you or other members of your family would not want to experience any of them. At A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning, we recommend you install a humidifier for better comfort and to prevent fall and winter-related health concerns. Here is a list of the benefits it offers:
  • Humidifiers prevent the spread of airborne viruses.
Airborne viruses and germs are pronounced during the cold weather because of the dry indoor air. To prevent the spread of these microorganisms, you need to keep your indoor humidity at the right level (raise it to at least 43%). By adding moisture in the air, viruses and germs become virtually ineffective, thus lowering the risk of illnesses inside your home.
  • Humidifiers prevent snoring.
Are you breathing through your mouth when sleeping? Then you are more prone to snoring due to dry air that settles in your throat. A humidifier helps in keeping your throat moist and soothes the tissues at the back of your throat. It prevents you from snoring and enables you to sleep comfortably.
  • Humidifiers relieve allergy symptoms.
Humidifiers are a great help in keeping an indoor atmosphere that is unfavorable for allergy-causing microorganisms. That is why if you have family members who are experiencing dry-sinuses and are prone to allergic reactions and asthma, a humidifier can relieve you of these issues.
  • Humidifiers prevent static.
Static electricity is prevalent in the cold months, and it can be frustrating. It can create sparks and damage to electrical appliances. By keeping a proper humidity level in your home, you can reduce and even prevent the occurrence of static electricity.
  • Humidifiers help you feel warmer.
Studies show that moisture can give you additional comfort and warmth. The water in the air allows your sweat to evaporate slowly, giving you a warmer feeling, so you do not have to rely too much on your heating devices. Protect the things you love and those you own by installing a humidifier this cold season. Our experts at A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning can help you choose the best type of humidifier for your home. Call us for assistance!

Benefits of HVAC Club Membership Agreement in Orlando, FL

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HVAC breakdown is never a good thing, especially in Orlando, FL, when the season becomes unpredictable. Luckily, A-1 Heating & Air Conditioning offers an HVAC Club Membership Agreement to help ease the burden for home and business owners.

It’s our pleasure to satisfy our clients by delivering high-end HVAC services—from residential to commercial systems. Enjoy the benefits of joining our HVAC Club Membership Agreement as the following:

Priority Service

Once you sign up, you’ll no longer have to worry about HVAC emergencies. As a member, you can take advantage of our priority service—meaning you don’t have to wait in line when you need a service. During the busiest hour or even on holidays, we guarantee one of our team members will help you with your comfort needs.

Scheduled Maintenance

HVAC is a complex mechanical system that needs regular maintenance to stay in its best condition. Our club membership agreement includes two scheduled maintenance calls each year (initial & follow-up after six months), while keeping a detailed record of what took place on each visit. This way, you can keep your system up and running all season long without any surprise failures.

Precision Tune-up

To get the most out of your HVAC system, you shouldn’t neglect regular tune-ups and maintenance. At A-1, we offer a comprehensive tune-up service as part of our club membership agreement.

Our precision tune-up, which include system cleaning and inspection and safety control testing, are designed to ensure the utmost performance of your system and provide maximum comfort for you and your family.

Additional Savings

Neglecting maintenance may cause a steady decline in your HVAC system’s performance while exponentially increasing its energy use. With scheduled maintenance and services, you can prevent critical issues from happening. Any minor concerns such as cleanup and calibration are done automatically every visit, as our core principle in maintaining a healthy system.

Don’t wait until it’s too late for your HVAC! Without regular service or maintenance membership agreements, your system can leave you uncomfortable in the most unexpected time. Talk to our experts today and know more about how you can benefit from our HVAC Club Membership Agreement. Call us at (407) 392-9307.

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5 Tips to Have Yourself an Energy-Saving Christmas

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One of the exciting ways of celebrating the Christmas season is decorating your home with lights and ornaments. The holidays wouldn’t be fun without them hanging in your house. Unfortunately, this tradition also causes your utility bills to rise.

No worries—here are five amazing energy-saving tips this Christmas:

Turn Down the Thermostat

As humans, we continually emit heat from our bodies. So, after the guests have arrived at your home, it’s an excellent time to turn the thermostat a few degrees down. Make that gathering more lively and fun by doing activities that are engaging for everyone, because the more physically active you are, the warmer it feels.

Be Wise With Your Appliances

There are a few ideas that we’d like to share about electronic devices.

First, devices such as televisions, computers, and others for entertainment continually consume energy and drain your electricity if left plugged in after use. So, the next time you are finished using them, don’t forget to put them on power-saving mode or unplug them.

Next, electronic devices in your kitchen should be used efficiently to save energy and time. It is ideal to use your toaster or microwave for small cooking tasks and the oven for big cooking tasks. When baking, if you have bread that bakes at 350 degrees and a pie at 400 degrees—bake them both at the same time at 375 degrees.

Lastly, if you have plans on giving yourself a treat by buying a new appliance or sending a gift to your loved ones, choose Energy Star-rated heating products.

Upgrade Your HVAC System

Aside from energy-efficient appliances, another smart way to save energy over the holidays is upgrading to a new HVAC system. New models will not just help you save money; it also maximizes energy efficiency, improves air quality, and increases fire safety.

Once you have decided, feel free to contact us. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you!

At A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, Inc., we are committed to helping you save money, whether it be through your system’s preventive maintenance or by recommending ideas to possibly save you up to 50% on your electric bill.

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