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Factors That Impact the Cost of HVAC Installation in Orlando, FL

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Factors That Impact the Cost of HVAC Installation in Orlando, FL

Do you need a new air conditioning system this season but don’t know where to start? Check out these important factors that can affect the cost of purchase and installation of your new unit.

Types of System

The type of unit you choose has a significant impact on the total installation cost. Some of the most common types of cooling systems used in Orlando, FL are split duct, variable refrigerant flow HVAC units, heat pumps, ductless mini splits, and more. At A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning, we can help you find the right unit for your home with a free evaluation.

Size and Capacity

The bigger is better adage doesn’t apply to HVAC systems. The size and capacity of your air conditioning unit should be compatible with the unique demands of your home. Too small units need to work hard to reach the temperature set in your thermostat while extremely large systems cool your home fast but don’t remove humidity in the room. You need a professional load calculation service from your trusted HVAC company in Orlando, FL.

SEER Rating

The SEER rating measures the efficiency of your air conditioning system. The higher the rating, the greater the efficiency and the higher the cost. While it is true that high-efficiency units also have higher upfront costs, they pay off in the long run.

New Install Vs. Replacement

You are lucky if your house has an existing central air and ductworks. Adding a new A/C to a home which does not have a duct system is more expensive. This is because of the labor that comes along with ductwork installation, decking drains, and wirings for the equipment.

Number of Vents and Returns

The supply and return vents help circulate the air throughout your home. The more rooms you need to cool, the more supply and return vents you will need. This means you need to pay for a higher installation cost.

HVAC systems are a great investment, so we recommend you skip all the guesswork and talk to a reputable HVAC company near you. If you are somewhere in Central Florida, our experts at A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning is your best friend for all your HVAC needs. Call us for a free quote!

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Zone In On The Benefits of HVAC Zoning

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Zone in on the benefits of HVAc zoning

Did you know that HVAC zoning can help boost your money-saving goals? Check out how this home comfort upgrade can improve your HVAC efficiency and convenience in your Orlando, FL home!

How HVAC Zoning System Works?

Zoning system creates a division or zones in spaces which receive a significant amount of heating and cooling. The zones vary in sizes, which normally come in as small as single rooms and as large as the entire floor of a multi-story building. Zoning system helps manipulate the temperature setting in a specific zone without affecting the temperature setting on the other areas.

Zoning uses multiple thermostats that control the dampers in the air ducts for a particular room or zone. Once the preferred temperature is reached, the dampers close to prevent your HVAC system from continuously heating or cooling the space.

Benefits of Zoning System

  • Money and Energy Savings

A zoning system can reduce your energy consumption by heating and cooling only the occupied rooms. Since you are no longer paying for wasted energy, you can enjoy lower energy bill to pay every month. For a single-story home, zoning allows you to use smaller and less expensive HVAC systems and can contribute to the reduced wear and tear of your existing unit.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality

Zoning offers a decentralized control of the temperature inside your home. It keeps different zones separate, especially those that use ductless systems or, with more than one HVAC, preventing as much air travel around your home. With this, air pollutants, dust, and other allergens are less distributed in your home which results in better indoor air quality.

  • Comfort

Different people call for different temperature preferences. Zoning system helps eliminate arguments with the other occupants over the temperature setting in your home. They can always set the best temperature in their room without disturbing the comfort of other people in the other rooms. Additionally, zoning gets rid of hot and cold spots and can be easily controlled using laptops and smartphones.

Are you ready to experience these benefits and enjoy a more comfortable home? Call A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning for an in-home evaluation and estimate. You can also share this post to all your friends and relative. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook!


A/C Tune-Ups: What A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning Can Do

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A/C Tune-Ups: What A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning Can Do

The best way to care for your unit is to give it a regular dose of maintenance. There simple things that you can do yourself, including filter replacement or cutting the bushes around the condenser. However, you should only let the professional hands handle the complex maintenance tasks for guaranteed results.

If you are in Orlando, FL, and needs expert air conditioning tune-up, you have one company to call for reliable services. A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning is just around the corner. Check out what we can do for you:

  • Calibrate thermostat
  • Inspect all safety controls
  • Adjust fan belts, if any
  • Lubricate blower bearings, if applicable
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Inspect all accessible ductwork
  • Inspect heater vent pipe
  • Adjust pilot light
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Inspect burners or strips
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check amp draw on strips
  • Check fan limit relay
  • Check heat pump refrigerant charge
  • Adjust fan safety control
  • Check breaker & fuse size
  • Change/clean filter, if available and/or recommend replacement
  • Check temperature difference
  • Check all starting capabilities
  • Check oil pump & filters
  • Drain line flushing
  • Check condition of coils


Benefits of A/C Tune-ups

Do you think that an A/C maintenance service is just another money-consuming task for your air conditioner? Honestly, A/C tune-ups are never free, but, the money you invested will just be refunded in the form of your unit’s safe and efficient operation. Check out these benefits that you can enjoy in the long run:

  • Increased Efficiency. Summer is a harsh season for your air conditioning unit. An A/C maintenance service will help secure the proper operation of your unit so that it can cope with the challenge. Professional technicians inspect every component and provide the needed adjustment and lubrication to keep the performance smooth.
  • Lower Energy Bills. When your unit is working in tip-top shape, there’s no room for wasted energy that can cause your monthly bills to reach the roof. In here, you can save as much as the money you spent on the tune-up service.
  • Reduce Risks of Service Call. Maintenance checks identify and solve simple problems before they become major issues in the system. Scheduling service before the heat wave can result in lesser emergency repair calls.
  • Better Comfort. Air conditioning units that are properly maintained give more reliable cooling in the long summer month. It also improved the air you breathe inside your home.


Should you schedule your tune-up service? The simplest answer to that is YES! Appointments can fill up fast! Request service here!


Why Do You Need A-1’s Club Membership Agreement?

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Why Do You Need A-1’s Club Membership Agreement?

A lot of things can happen with the regular operation of your heating and cooling system. The last thing you would want to experience in the long summer months is a failing A/C, might as well be prepared and enroll in our Club Membership Agreement at A-1 Heating & Air.

From safety to efficiency, check out these benefits you can enjoy by enrolling in our service agreement.

  • Priority Service

When your unit suddenly breaks, and you’re enrolled in our service agreement, you have nothing to worry about. Even in the busiest summer season where technicians are less available, we guarantee you there’s someone from our team to help you with your needs. Priority service is a crucial benefit that many of our members are thankful for, especially in peak season winter and summer.

  • Documentation of Maintenance

If you’re part of our maintenance agreement, you are provided with detailed records of your tune-up schedules. Documentations of your maintenance services are important to keep your unit’s warranty intact. It is also beneficial when you are about to put your home on the market.

  • Reduce Operating Costs

Do you know that a typical HVAC system with regular maintenance service can give you savings of more than $100 per rated ton year? Since every component is working efficiently, the whole system will not consume more energy than needed, giving you lower monthly bills to pay. Additionally, if you take care of your unit, you can enjoy its service even years after its estimated lifespan.

  • Reduced Repair Costs

Up to 80% of all compressor failures are caused by something external to the compressor. When small problems can be found and repaired before they become big, service agreement customers pay for fewer compressor failures and emergency repairs.

2 Precision Tune-Ups Per Year: 10% Off Parts & Labor

At A-1 Heat & Air, we agree to send a qualified service technician to inspect your heating and cooling equipment twice a year with our Club Membership Agreement. The precision tune-up and professional cleaning services annually include:

  • Clean and check condenser coil
  • Check operating pressures
  • Check starting capabilities
  • Check safety control
  • Check and adjust blower components
  • Check for correct air flow
  • Clean condensate drain
  • Check for the proper temperature difference
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check voltage and amperage on motors
  • Lubricate all moving part where necessary
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Check duct work annually

Talk to our experts to learn more about our maintenance service agreement! Call us at A-1 Heat & Air today or visit our page now!

What Causes Weak A/C Airflow?

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What Causes Weak A/C Airflow?

Is it weak airflow blowing from your air conditioning unit that’s causing poor comfort in your Orlando, FL home? At A-1 Heat & Air, we understand every bit of what’s causing this issue and what you can do about it. And according to our experts, you have poor airflow if:

  • Your air filter is filled with dust and dirt.

If it has been a long time since your last filter replacement, now’s the time to do it. The accumulation of dirt, pollen, mold spores, dust, and other particles hinders the air from passing through and circulate to the different parts of your home. Clean or change air filters regularly to keep your unit running properly.

  • The evaporator coil is frozen.

If you’re wondering if it’s possible for your coils to freeze in the middle of the hot summer months, it is. Frozen evaporator coils may result in insufficient cool air inside your home. The main causes of this are an undercharged refrigerant, blocked return or supply vents, and a faulty blower. Seek professional help for expert solutions and diagnosis.

  • You have issues in the air duct.

Poor airflow can also mean a potential problem in the ductwork. It can be disconnected ductworks and leakages. The cracks in the ducts allow the air to escape, giving your home not enough amount of air. Ductwork problems are not your typical DIY tasks.  With this, you will need professional assistance to get the thing done right.

  • There are problems in the blower motor.

The blower motor plays a crucial role in distributing the air throughout your home. If you are experiencing weak airflow inside, the problem probably hides in one of its components. The most common blower motor problems that impede the flow of air are dirty blower wheel, faulty blower motor, and a loose fan belt. If you wouldn’t want to get your hands dirty to fix these issues, our experts can do the job for you.

  • The vents and registers are obstructed.

Check from time to time if there are furniture and equipment that are blocking the vents and registers. These materials hinder the flow of air, thus giving your home inadequate cooling.  Sometimes, a massive amount of dirt and dust can also block the movement of air. Be sure to clean the vents and registers regularly and do not block it with any appliances.

There is no better way to fix your comfort problems than with the help of the experts. If you are living in Orlando, FL and nearby towns A-1 Heat & Air is just around the corner. Call us, and we’ll give you services worthy of your investment.

Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

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Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

The ducts serve as the passageway of the air that circulates in your room multiple times a day. The air that runs through the ducts is the air that fills your home, which is that same air that you and your family breath. So unless you want to fill your lungs with dirty and contaminated air, you can say that duct cleaning is NEVER a waste of money!

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is a professional service which refers to the removal of dust and contaminants within the ducts. Aside from the rounded channels, it also includes the supply and return air ducts as well as the registers and diffusers of the different rooms in your home. While simple vacuuming and wiping can clean the easy and obvious parts, powerful vacuums and professional expertise are needed for the more complicated fragments of the ducts.

Here are the benefits of having your ducts cleaned before the next heat wave!

  • Creates a Cleaner Indoor Environment

A thorough air duct cleaning is necessary to reduce the amount of house cleaning and dusting needed to create a more hygienic space. It also reduces the dust and airborne particles that would otherwise land on your furniture, bedding, walls, and floors as the air circulates throughout your home.

  • Reduces Allergens and Irritants

Air ducts are not just a home for dust and dirt. It is also a perfect breeding ground for harmful contaminants and microorganisms like pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mildew, mold spores, and similar toxins. For people who are prone to allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems, you should schedule a regular duct cleaning service to promote healthier living.

  • Removes Unpleasant Odor

The accumulation of dust and dirt in the ducts can cause a musty odor in your home. Additionally, household cleaning agents, paint fumes, mold, tobacco use, and even food preparation all contribute to stale smells in the air ducts. A detailed duct cleaning service will remove odor trapping particles in the air and bring a fresher smell to your home.

  • Improves Efficiency

Dust and grime build-up in the ducts and registers hinder the proper flow of air from your furnace and air conditioners. This results in greater pressure on your HVAC system. Since your unit needs to work harder and longer to heat or cool your home, expect that your energy bill will rise.

Don’t wait for the worse to have your air ducts cleaned! Call our experts at A-1 Heating and Air Conditioning for professional duct cleaning service in Orlando, FL.

Should You Switch to a Smart Thermostat This Spring?

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Should You Switch to a Smart Thermostat This Spring?

Are you still using your old, manually operated thermostat? Oh, buddy, you’re getting left behind! Your neighbors in Orlando, FL are now reaping the benefits of switching to a smart thermostat for their home. Don’t be the last to experience the luxury it offers!

Check out these benefits that you can get by installing a smart thermostat in your home or workplace:

  • Energy Saving

We can’t deny that HVAC systems are known energy hogs at home. But do you know you can reduce your energy costs by installing a smart control device for your system? You heard it right! Smart thermostats allow you to use less energy with its unique features. Among these is its learning ability that remembers the time you prefer to lower or raise the temperature. It learns your schedule and automatically adjusts the temperature based on it. On average, a smart thermostat can bring as much as $131 to $145 a year!

  • Remote Access

Smart thermostats allow you to manipulate the temperature in your home by connecting on your devices via Wi-Fi. This means that you can change the settings even when you’re not at home. You just need to log in from anywhere in the world via internet-connected laptops or smartphones. If you have lots of things to do and you forgot to switch the temperature before going to work or vacation, you can always access the setting through this feature.

  • Useful Features

Smart thermostats are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. It makes your life easier and thinks for you. They offer very helpful features like maintenance reminders for your unit. It will notify you if your system needs maintenance service in Orlando, FL which is crucial in its efficient operation. It can also monitor your energy consumption and gives you a weekly report if your energy has gone up or down. Other features include dirty filter detection, allergy reports and many more.

Trust A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning

If you are looking for a dependable heating and cooling company in Orlando, FL to guarantee the comfort and efficiency of your home, search no further than the experts at A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning. We offer the best in thermostat technology and ensure that you always find the right unit for your home.

Talk to our experts today!

6 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

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6 Spring Maintenance Tips for Your HVAC System

There’s only one way to fight the scorching heat of summer, and that’s a properly functioning A/C unit. The question is, are you positive that your air conditioning system in Orlando, FL is in good condition?

Check out these simple A/C maintenance tips to keep your unit running in good condition in the spring and summer seasons.

  • Replace the Air Filters

We put this on top since it’s the easiest task that you can do yourself. Unless you want a skyrocketing energy bill, a poor-performing unit, or a musty, dusty air coming out of your vents, you should take time to replace your clogged filters to a clean one. Do this every 1-3 months to help your unit work properly.

  • Clear the Area Around Your Outdoor Units

Most homeowners in Orlando, FL find the condenser unit destruction in your home’s visual appeal. That’s why, they tend to cover the unit with bushes, shrubs, and casings. This can be good as long as you always take time to check if the case is filled with dust, twigs, and leaves, or the plants have grown too much and suffocated the unit. The condenser needs enough breathing space to take in as much needed air for its operation. Be sure to remove obstructions around it.

  • Add a Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat can help you cut down on your energy cost big time. Although it’s more of a home improvement job than maintenance tip, we still recommend you upgrade your manually operated device to help your air conditioning work sufficiently and help you save money.

  • Clear the Drainage Hole

The drainage hole is commonly located at the A/C cabinet’s base. It is important that you keep the hole clear for the proper performance of your air conditioning unit. Since the hole is too small for you to clean out manually, you can make use of a small piece of wire work or paper clip to clean this valuable part.

  • Check your Home’s Insulation

It’s useless to run your air conditioning unit in full blast when your home is filled with holes, cracks, and opening that allow the conditioned air to move out. Aside from poor comfort, you’ll get nothing but an overheating A/C and high energy bill. Save yourself from this chaos by making sure that your window, doors, floors, and walls are properly insulated.

  • Seal the Ducts

You may not think of it that much, but duct systems should always be part of your air conditioning maintenance check. Since this isn’t something you can handle yourself, you will need a certified professional in Orlando, FL to help do the job right.

Do you need an air conditioning maintenance service to complete these tasks mentioned above? A-1 Heat and Air is just around the corner!

Call us for professional services worthy of your trust!

What to Watch For in a Dying A/C System

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What to Watch For in a Dying A/C System

No matter how expensive or efficient your air conditioning units are, it won’t last forever. So, if your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, we recommend you give attention to these signs of an immediate A/C replacement.

4 Signs of a Dying A/C Unit

  • Basic Age

Whether you are the original homeowner or you purchased a home, it is important to know how old your unit is. There is a service life estimate set on your unit by the manufacturer, and if your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, you are most likely to experience issues on its operation. The equipment life will be extended by proper maintenance.

  • Constant Noisy Operation

Among the advancements in the HVAC industry is an air conditioning unit that functions as quietly as possible. Since A/C units are made up of complex mechanical components, the production of soft sounds is inevitable. However, if you feel like your unit is already producing loud noises, it’s time for services. There are peculiar sounds that signify major repairs, but general grinding and clanging mean everything in the system is wearing down. This may mean that you need an immediate replacement.

  • Rising Utility Bills

A regularly maintained air conditioning unit can retain up to 95% of its energy efficiency rating throughout its lifespan. However, as it ages, the efficiency drops, creating a big effect on your monthly summer energy bill. Take time to check your cooling costs for the past years and see if there is a steady upward trend. If so, you may have a failing air conditioning unit.

  • Too Expensive Repairs

It’s common for A/C units to be serviced twice a year during its lifespan. However, if you come to the point that the A/C repair requires a vast amount of expense, you may need to think twice about your decision.

If you need a professional opinion whether it’s time for a new air conditioning installation in Orlando, FL, you can always contact our experts, and they’ll be glad to assist you. Call us at A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning today!


Should You Install A New A/C in the Spring?

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Should You Install A New A/C in the Spring?

If you ask the experts at A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning, the simplest answer that we can give is YES.  Spring is the best season to prepare your home for the heat wave, you can also enjoy a lot of great benefits.

Saves You from Summer Rush

Don’t wait until the summer season starts before you purchase and install a new system. Get a new unit in spring where there’s a wide availability of products that you can choose from and great deals that you can enjoy.

Plenty of Time to Research

Air conditioning units are great investments so you need to make sure that you make the correct choice. If you are planning to buy a new A/C, you should start searching as early as the spring season. This will give you time to identify your choices and features, consider some recommendations until you find the right unit for your home.

Availability of Technicians

Summer is a busy season for HVAC technicians so when you want to install a unit, you need to give us a call, we are available to assist you. You are also guaranteed that the service is done properly when you contact A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning.

Secures Summer Comfort

Your air conditioning unit can save you from being hot in the summer season. If you think your system has reached its retirement age, you need to install a new one in the spring as preparation for the summer heat wave. Running your old-unit will only increase your energy bill and won’t give you peace of mind. Installing a new A/C may be costly upfront, but you will enjoy all the benefits in comfort and savings in the days to come.

HVAC installation is not an easy task. If you need professional help, from purchasing to installing your unit, look no further than our team at A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning. Give us a call and we will take it from there!