Common Heating Mistakes to Avoid in the Winter

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Modern heating systems are highly efficient, yes. Most homeowners fail to take advantage of their full benefits because of certain heating mistakes.

Here are common heating mistakes you should avoid this winter:

Cranking Up the Thermostat

Your heating system needs time to produce the heat you desire for your home. This means that turning it up too high won’t heat your home faster. Instead, it will only cause tremendous stress to your system.

When you crank up the thermostat, your furnace will run longer and will consume a lot of energy—which translates into higher utility bills during the winter.

Not Using a Humidifier

Humidity isn’t always about summer days. Using a humidifier is also beneficial during the winter. Here’s how: humidifiers remove dry air and prevent the spread of airborne particles that can cause allergy symptoms and other health problems.

Turning on the Furnace While Using the Fireplace

Using your furnace and the fireplace at the same time might seem a good idea for some, but it’s not. Doing so will cause the heated air from your furnace to escape through the chimney while letting cold air inside your home.

Closing the Vents in Unused Spaces of Your Home

You might be thinking that closing the vents for unused rooms will heat your home faster. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Closing the vents for unused areas of your home disrupts airflow, impeding the performance of your heating system.

Not Paying Attention to Drafts

As a homeowner, you should regularly check your home for drafts. Check the windows, doors, walls, ceiling for any opening. Caulk and seal them tightly to make sure heated air isn’t escaping from your home and cold air can’t find its way inside.

By knowing these common winter HVAC mistakes, you should now have an idea of how to make the best out of your heating system this winter. If you want to know more about winter HVAC maintenance or need a service, contact us at A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning today.

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Benefits of REME-HALO Guardian Air Purification System

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 93% of American households spend their life indoors—a lifestyle that can tremendously affect their health due to the risk of airborne diseases.

This is the reason why REME-Halo Guardian Air Purification System was developed. The Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy or REME-HALO technology was proven to neutralize and terminate air pollutants that can cause harm to your family.

Here are some of the benefits of using the REME-HALO Guardian Air Purification System:

Safe Way to Remove Dust Particles

Compared to other air purifiers on the market today, REME-HALO uses Ionized-Hydro-Peroxide, which is a safe IAQ solution. This technology is made from the combination of humidity and oxygen, which can seamlessly and safely remove dust particles in your home.

Proven to Kill 99% of Viruses and Bacteria

According to the RGF Environmental Group, Inc., this unique indoor air quality system provides low-energy, advanced oxidation, and air purification. It is proven effective in eliminating viruses and bacteria, and 99% of other airborne contaminants while being completely safe. REME-HALO has also proven to be 99% effective against MRSA, VOCs, H1N1, and Norwalk viruses.

It is Convenient and Efficient

Unlike portable devices with limited efficiency, REME-HALO provides a whole new level of home purification. It perfectly works with your HVAC system, whether it is running or shut off. Also, it does not occupy a lot of space and operates silently, making it more convenient than other air purifiers.

Proven to be Cost-Effective

Modern air purification systems require frequent replacement and a lot of maintenance but not REME-HALO. Once installed properly, the system does not require extensive maintenance, allowing you to save money on your monthly energy costs.

If you think your home needs a  REME-Halo Guardian Air Purification system, contact A-1 Heat & Air Conditioning today!

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