Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

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Is Duct Cleaning a Waste of Money?

The ducts serve as the passageway of the air that circulates in your room multiple times a day. The air that runs through the ducts is the air that fills your home, which is that same air that you and your family breath. So unless you want to fill your lungs with dirty and contaminated air, you can say that duct cleaning is NEVER a waste of money!

What is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning is a professional service which refers to the removal of dust and contaminants within the ducts. Aside from the rounded channels, it also includes the supply and return air ducts as well as the registers and diffusers of the different rooms in your home. While simple vacuuming and wiping can clean the easy and obvious parts, powerful vacuums and professional expertise are needed for the more complicated fragments of the ducts.

Here are the benefits of having your ducts cleaned before the next heat wave!

  • Creates a Cleaner Indoor Environment

A thorough air duct cleaning is necessary to reduce the amount of house cleaning and dusting needed to create a more hygienic space. It also reduces the dust and airborne particles that would otherwise land on your furniture, bedding, walls, and floors as the air circulates throughout your home.

  • Reduces Allergens and Irritants

Air ducts are not just a home for dust and dirt. It is also a perfect breeding ground for harmful contaminants and microorganisms like pet dander, bacteria, pollen, mildew, mold spores, and similar toxins. For people who are prone to allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems, you should schedule a regular duct cleaning service to promote healthier living.

  • Removes Unpleasant Odor

The accumulation of dust and dirt in the ducts can cause a musty odor in your home. Additionally, household cleaning agents, paint fumes, mold, tobacco use, and even food preparation all contribute to stale smells in the air ducts. A detailed duct cleaning service will remove odor trapping particles in the air and bring a fresher smell to your home.

  • Improves Efficiency

Dust and grime build-up in the ducts and registers hinder the proper flow of air from your furnace and air conditioners. This results in greater pressure on your HVAC system. Since your unit needs to work harder and longer to heat or cool your home, expect that your energy bill will rise.

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Should You Switch to a Smart Thermostat This Spring?

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Should You Switch to a Smart Thermostat This Spring?

Are you still using your old, manually operated thermostat? Oh, buddy, you’re getting left behind! Your neighbors in Orlando, FL are now reaping the benefits of switching to a smart thermostat for their home. Don’t be the last to experience the luxury it offers!

Check out these benefits that you can get by installing a smart thermostat in your home or workplace:

  • Energy Saving

We can’t deny that HVAC systems are known energy hogs at home. But do you know you can reduce your energy costs by installing a smart control device for your system? You heard it right! Smart thermostats allow you to use less energy with its unique features. Among these is its learning ability that remembers the time you prefer to lower or raise the temperature. It learns your schedule and automatically adjusts the temperature based on it. On average, a smart thermostat can bring as much as $131 to $145 a year!

  • Remote Access

Smart thermostats allow you to manipulate the temperature in your home by connecting on your devices via Wi-Fi. This means that you can change the settings even when you’re not at home. You just need to log in from anywhere in the world via internet-connected laptops or smartphones. If you have lots of things to do and you forgot to switch the temperature before going to work or vacation, you can always access the setting through this feature.

  • Useful Features

Smart thermostats are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. It makes your life easier and thinks for you. They offer very helpful features like maintenance reminders for your unit. It will notify you if your system needs maintenance service in Orlando, FL which is crucial in its efficient operation. It can also monitor your energy consumption and gives you a weekly report if your energy has gone up or down. Other features include dirty filter detection, allergy reports and many more.

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