5 Safety Tips For Space Heaters

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5 Safety Tips For Space Heaters

Are you looking for a supplementary heating device to keep your home warm when the Jack Frost comes rolling in? There’s no doubt about the services rendered by space heaters. But take note, these devices also hold a bad reputation as a fire hazard. If you have space heaters at home, here are some safety tips that should keep in mind.

  1. Keep Safety Certifications In Mind

Be sure that your space heater is listed by a recognized testing laboratory. This will assure you that the device is ready and safe to use. Before using the space heater, read and understand the manufacturer’s information. It provides helpful information about the safe usage and care of the device.

  1. Find The Right Place

Space heaters should be placed in areas with proper clearances. You should keep rugs, bedding, window treatment, furniture, and other combustibles at least three feet away from the device. If these items come in contact with the space heater’s hot surface, they can cause a risk of fire. Additionally, place your heaters on a hard, leveled surface to ensure safety.

  1. Plug Directly Into An Outlet

Plugging space heaters in extension cords increases the risk of fire, overheating and electrical shocks. If you are going to use an extension cord for the device, be sure to choose which is properly rated and sized to deliver sufficient power capacity.

  1. Shut Off and Unplug If Not In Use

Never leave appliances plugged in, especially the space heater in your home. This is often the cause of a fire. If you are ready to sleep or heading to work, simply turn the device off and unplug for safety purposes.

  1. Regularly Inspect and Maintain The Unit

Regardless if it’s new or old, you need to provide proper maintenance and inspection of your space heaters. Dust and allergens may disperse around your unit. Regular cleaning will remove the dirt and ensure the safe operation of your device. If you found out that you have a defective space heater, do not attempt to use it because you are putting your safety in jeopardy.

It is always important to be informed about the safety measures in using space heaters. If you have other questions, please talk to our experts at A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning. We are always here to help you in keeping your comfort and safety. Contact us today!

The Special Benefits of Humidifiers When the Cold Season Steps In

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The Special Benefits of Humidifiers When the Cold Season Steps In

Should you humidify when the fall and winter seasons arrive? Of course! Aside from the temperature, humidity is also a great factor in achieving optimum comfort in your home. Many illnesses are associated with dry air, and you or other members of your family would not want to experience any of them.

At A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning, we recommend you install a humidifier for better comfort and to prevent fall and winter-related health concerns. Here is a list of the benefits it offers:

  • Humidifiers prevent the spread of airborne viruses.

Airborne viruses and germs are pronounced during the cold weather because of the dry indoor air. To prevent the spread of these microorganisms, you need to keep your indoor humidity at the right level (raise it to at least 43%). This is when humidifiers are a great help. By adding moisture in the air, viruses and germs become virtually ineffective, thus lowering the risk of illnesses inside your home.

  • Humidifiers prevent snoring.

Are you breathing through your mouth when sleeping? Then you are more prone to snoring due to dry air that settles in your throat. A humidifier helps in keeping your throat moist and soothes the tissues at the back of your throat. It prevents you from snoring and helps you sleep comfortably.

  • Humidifiers relieve allergy symptoms.

Humidifiers are great help in keeping an indoor atmosphere that is unfavorable for allergy-causing microorganisms. That is why if you have family members who are experiencing dry-sinuses and are prone to allergic reactions and asthma, a humidifier can relieve you of these issues.

  • Humidifiers prevent static.

Static electricity is prevalent in the cold months, and it can be really frustrating. It can create sparks and damage electrical appliances. By keeping a proper humidity level in your home, you can reduce and even prevent the occurrence of static electricity.

  • Humidifiers help you feel warmer.

Studies show that moisture can give you additional comfort and warmth. The water in the air allows your sweat to evaporate slowly, giving you a warmer feeling, so you do not have to rely too much on your heating devices.

Protect the things you love and those you own by installing a humidifier this cold season. Our experts at A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning can help you choose the best type of humidifier for your home. Call us for assistance!