5 Items to Check if Your A/C is Not Cooling

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5 Items to Check if Your A/C is Not Cooling

Air conditioners are complex systems where airflow, temperature, and pressure should work together to help the system work correctly. The fact that it is composed of several components suggests that it may fail in certain parts while operating. Broken A/C components can severely affect its operation until you notice that your home feels warmer even if the unit’s turned on.

When your central air conditioning system is not cooling, be sure to check the following A/C components.

  1. Air Filter

Does it feel like there is not enough cool air coming from your air conditioner? If your A/C struggles to distribute conditioned air throughout the house, your air filters must be at fault. Check if the filters are clean. Make sure to keep it free from any blockages to allow a smooth airflow to provide your home with the desired temperature.

  1. Condenser Unit

To understand why your A/C’s not cooling, you need to know first how an A/C unit cools your home. The cooling process starts from the evaporator where the air is absorbed and then transferred to the outdoor unit. But with a filthy and unmaintained condenser unit, the heat will not disperse properly. Taking good care of the condenser means keeping the area around the unit clear of obstruction.

  1. Thermostat

Does your A/C blow out lukewarm air instead of cool air? A faulty thermostat is probably the cause of the issue. Spotting the problem on the thermostat can be difficult, but you can tell where the issue lies by bringing in professionals. The circuitry inside might have malfunctioned, or the batteries might have stopped working. If the thermostat fails, your air conditioning unit will not work either. See a licensed HVAC professional to check your thermostat if the problem persists.

  1. Refrigerant

A refrigerant leak or a low refrigerant charge is one of the reasons why your A/C unit is not cooling. Without enough refrigerant, your cooling unit will not absorb the right amount of heat to cool the air. If you notice a hissing or bubbling noise or ice buildup on the unit, it signals trouble on the refrigerant. Any moment your refrigerant may fail thus, be sure to keep your technicians number for emergency needs.

  1. Compressor

Considered as the heart of an air conditioning unit, the compressor supplies the required heat through the indoor and outdoor unit. If it is not working, your air conditioning unit will not supply cool air in the entire house. A damaged compressor may require replacement. If your HVAC contractor can revive it with a complete repair, it would be less expensive.

If your air conditioner is not cooling your house, schedule an inspection service at A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning as soon as possible. Our experts will help you identify the root of the issue and offer cost-effective and quick solutions. Call us today for an appointment.

Finance Your New A/C Unit & Installation in Central Florida

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Finance Your New A/C Unit & Installation in Central Florida

Installing a new air conditioning unit is a huge investment, and not everyone can afford to pay it outright. Fortunately, there are reputable HVAC companies like A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning offering financing options to back you up during emergency needs.

Have you ever thought of what makes financing your newly-installed A/C unit a good idea?  Here are a few amazing reasons why financing is a smart choice.

  • Easy and Convenient Payment Methods

In financing your new A/C in Central Florida, you have three common payment options: credit card, home equity plan, and contractor financing. Your contractor or manufacturer will discuss with you each of these options and will help you find the best choice. If you are thinking of installing a new air conditioning unit, the first thing to do is to look for a reliable HVAC contractor. Make sure to find the right one to invest your money.

  • Regular Preventive Maintenance Plan

Does financing your A/C save you from unexpected repairs and expenses? Definitely! Funding your new A/C comes with other surprising benefits like a regular preventive maintenance plan. With this, you can determine and fix any issues with your unit before they become major problems.  Preventive maintenance of your air conditioner can save you from unforeseen expenses.

  • Priority Customer Advantage

Applying for a financing option for your new air conditioner gives you a priority access to all services. Depending on the HVAC company you are working with, you can get a priority card for every transaction made. Therefore, you do not have to wait for hours or days before your problem is noticed. You can ask for help immediately and get response automatically.

  • Discounted Prices and Giveaways

You are lucky to find a heating and cooling company that offers a financing opportunity for your air conditioner along with discounts and freebies. Your application for a financing option comes with great discounts on installation, maintenance, and other amenities. As a result, you can save as much money as you want.

  • Increased Home Value

If you are planning to sell your home in the coming years, having a new air conditioning unit installed is a good selling point. Thus, if you take advantage of financing today, you will get extra benefits in the future.

Get these exciting benefits by financing your new HVAC system as early as now. At A-1 Heat and Air Conditioning, we will help you find the best financing option that suits your residential needs in Central Florida. Call our customer service team for details.